sunspider, also known as a wind-scorpionSOLPUGIDS
E. durangonua
Pound for pound this hairy, largely nocturnal arachnid has a much deadlier set of jaws (or chelicerae- the insect equivalent) than a great white shark. In fact this creature, also known as the sunspider or wind-scorpion, has the strongest jaws - relative to size -of any animal on earth.

During the day they can often be found under a  log or in a crack in the soil. Staying cool is their daytime task and hunting their nightime joy.

sunspider on ruler

This voracious carnivore uses those jaws to overcome everything from insects, birds and lizards to small mammals and even scorpions. Its long legs allow it to traverse its habitat at a very high rate of speed. And if food is available, a solifugid will keep eating until its abdomen is so distended that it's practically immobile. 

wind scorpian

The sunspider appears to have ten legs, not eight. The thicker front pair are palps, not legs. 

She has long hairs all over her body that help her sense movement in her surroundings. 

Below - she uses her jaws to attack a stick.
Those four jaws are deadly weapons if you're an insect.

view of jaws from the bottom
images - I. Lindsey
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